Friday, October 12, 2012

Speaking Test (1)/ 2013

Dear PPU students,
                     You may respond to the respective questions assigned to your group. Good Luck!
Booklet 2. 
Discuss which of the following problems causes the greatest stress to young people nowadays.

  • poor time management
  • financial constraints
  • expectations of parents
  • relationship with friends
Booklet 3.
Good performance in sports can be rewarded in several ways. Discuss which of the following is the best reward.
  • a scholarship to further studies
  • a trip overseas
  • a job offer
  • a cash incentive
Booklet 4.
The '1 Malaysia' concept promotes integration. discuss which of the following is the best place to promote the "1 Malaysia" concept.
  • in educational institutions
  • at the work place
  • in the neighbourhood
  • at shopping centres
Booklet 5.
Obesity among schoolchildren is a matter of great concern nowadays. Who can help to prevent obesity? discuss which of the following can best help prevent obesity among schoolchildren.
  • parents
  • schools
  • friends
  • the mass media
Booklet 6
There are many interesting career choices for young people. Discuss which of the following is the msot interesting career choice for young people.
  • to be an artiste
  • to be a fashion designer
  • to be a chef
  • to be a flight attendant
Booklet 7.
Discuss which of the following is the main reason that attracts young people to work overseas.
  • They can earn a lot of money
  • They can learn a new language
  • It gives them invaluable experience
  • It gives them the opportunity to travel.